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Why you should invest in microblading

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

You won't believe how much time I saved!

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Microblading has saved me a total of 3 days and 9 hours over 18 months

Microblading is a semi-permanent non-invasive beauty technique.

It is a cosmetic procedure used to create fuller and more defined eyebrows. Giving them a natural look. It is not the same as tattooing which can look harsh.

The licensed technician will use a handheld tool with tiny needles at the end, which is the shape of a blade. This tool is a microblade.

This is me BEFORE I had my eyebrows microbladed. Notice the tails of my brows are low. Here is my AFTER


Thinking about getting your brows microbladed? I had mine done 1 year ago and I am thrilled with my results. I expect you have lots of questions!

Let's get to it!

3 Amazing ways microblading changed my life

#1 Getting my brows microbladed has saved me time

# 2 Getting microbladed brows has SAVED me money!

# 3 Microbladed brows made my confidence skyrocket

My TOP TIPS for before, during and after your microblading

Top Tip # 1 Find a reputable microblading specialist

Top Tip #2 You get what you pay for with microblading

Top Tip #3 BE BRAVE!

Top Tip #4 Don't worry about pain

Top Tip #5 Follow the aftercare advice to the letter

Top Tip #6 You are going to think it hasn't worked

How I keep my brows looking fresh!

My favourite products to maintain my microbladed brows


#1 Getting my brows microbladed has saved me time

Getting semi-permanent brows has saved me approximately 3 days and 9 hours

Here is how I worked it out (assuming I get my brows touched up every 18 months)

Time to drive, park and walk to the salon, including treatment time 30 mins once a month

  • 30 minutes x 18 ( 1 session every month) = 540 minutes.

  • 540 / 60 = 9 hours saved over 18 months

Time to draw brows every morning 8 minutes every day

  • 8 minutes x 547.5 days (18 months) = 4380 minutes

  • 4380 / 60 = 73 hours

  • 73 / 24 = 3.01 days

A total of 3 days and 9 hours over 18 months. That is impressive!


# 2 Getting microbladed brows has SAVED me money!

Hands up, who overplucked their brows in the 1990s and early 00s?

Me too! It left me with a thin tail on my brows, which were low set and droopy anyway. Even if I hadn't overplucked, I was NOT blessed with flattering brows.

There are two main methods I have tried to make my brows look great over the years.

  • HD brows to enhance them, which it did, although I was never happy with how they looked. HD brows can cost up to £40 each time. I had this done a couple of times, but really disliked it when they applied the make-up part. It did give a wow factor with the colour.

  • Brow tint and wax would cost around £20. My brows always looked tidy afterwards.

I had HD brows done twice then went back to generic brow and wax. Here is the cost of each over 18 months. Really you could add £50 for gels and pomades to those figures.

  • HD Brows 40 x 18 = £720

  • Brow tint and wax 20 x18 =£360

The combination brow package that I got was £330. This is £30 cheaper than my yearly spend on my previous brow maintenance.


# 3 Microbladed brows made my confidence skyrocket

Before my microblading experience my brows were:

  • Droopy

  • Unflattering

  • Undefined

After microblading they are:

  • Defined

  • Flattering

  • Bold

I am so much more confident after my experience. I would highly recommend it. Make sure you keep reading to see my top tips!


Top Tip #1 Find a reputable microblading specialist

Having semi-permanent brows is not something I would advise doing on a whim.

PLEASE use my tips when doing your research. When done properly they are amazing. When done badly they look AWFUL.

  1. Make sure your technician is qualified and insured. This should be specified on their website.

  2. Look through ALL of the pictures in the technician's gallery on their website. They should have a substantial amount of photos which all are consistently at a high standard. Their work should speak for itself.

  3. Check their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Their website might only be updated a couple of times a year, but their Facebook and Instagram will be updated daily.

  4. Read all of the reviews on the website, Facebook and Instagram. Were the clients happy with the work? If they weren't happy, did the technician rectify this?

  5. When you contact your technician, they should respond promptly and in a professional manner and be willing to answer all of your questions.

  6. They should do a patch test and give you a consultation!

Have a look at Katerina's website. I think she is a great example of a professional.

in my opinion.

Please note this is my personal opinion and I have no affiliation links with the above business. I think this is the level of brilliance YOU deserve when you get your brows done and I think Katerina is worth sharing!


Top Tip #2 You get what you pay for with microblading

It's great that your cousin's friend charges £50 from her front room, but is she really going to give you wow brows? Or just an infection.

Consider it an investment!


Top Tip #3 BE BRAVE!

  1. Your technician will use eyebrow mapping to work out your eyebrow symmetry and shape.

  2. You need to be clear about what you want but also listen to your technician's advice.

  3. Your technician will draw on the new shape to give you an idea of how your brows will look.

  4. For me, it was—a huge change. I was a bit scared about this.

  5. If you are nervous about your potential new shape, ask your technician to show you some clients who had a similar procedure done. Seeing how amazing someone else's brows look may help you decide.

  6. Your technician will be happy to make any changes. Personally, I am pleased I didn't change a thing, even though the shape was much bolder.


Top Tip #4 Don't worry about pain

  1. With consultation, the procedure, and aftercare chat, the first sitting took less than 1.5 hours.

  2. You need to have two sittings. Both sessions should be included in the final price.

  3. I had combination brows, which is powdered brows that make the brows look like they are filled in with powder, and then the inner brow is filled in with fine hair strokes.

  4. The powdering part does not hurt at all. The hair lines were uncomfortable.

  5. Numbing cream is applied to the area.

Don’t let the fear of it hurting put you off!


Top Tip #5 Follow the aftercare advice to the letter

Katerina was specific about the aftercare, which I did follow strictly.

This is just a guide to tell prep you for what you will and won't be able to do, please don't use my advice in replacement of your technician.

  • Don't get your brows wet. Until the scabs come off by themselves. For me this was close to 10 days!

  • No sweating. Sweat is wet. Gentle exercise only.

  • Don't pick the scabs. Let the scabs fall off naturally.

  • You will be given aftercare cream. Use exactly as instructed.

  • No makeup on the brows.

  • Keep face products off the brows!

  • Sleep on your back. To avoid scabs getting pulled off. I made a pillow cocoon.

Easy right? You will be a pro by day three! I promise.


Top Tip #6 You are going to think it hasn't worked

This is me when the scabs fell off after the first sitting. This is NOT the final result. The second sitting is the finished result.

  • Your brows are going to scab and look pretty rough

  • They only look 'bad' for 2-3 days

  • The pigment will be MUCH lighter than you think it should be when the scabs fall off

  • You will think it didn't work and wonder why you did it

  • I had the tails removed from my brows and was worried It would look like it was really obvious where the hair stopped. It doesn't.

  • My pigment didn't take as much as Katerina wanted, sometimes that happens. She just tweaked it on the second sitting.


My favourite products to maintain my microbladed brows

A year later. The pigment has faded slightly. This happens. I will be going back in 3-6 months to get them touched up.

I do have to maintain them, but I think this is more because I had a substantial change and had awkward brows initially.

I don't have to add make-up to them every day, even a year in but because my brows are droopy, they need to be brushed up!

Here are the products I use if you like the way my brows look!

  • I do tint my brows because I like them darker than my natural colour. I started to do this myself using eyebrow tint it is so quick, easy and cheap!

  • I need to tweeze them where the tails try to come back. This takes very little time as hair was sparse there anyway!

  • I do like a sharp look on my brows when I am in pin-up mode and swear by this pomade which I use with this brush these are a splurge BUT totally worth every penny, plus it lasts a LONG time.

  • If you prefer a pencil, I used to use bargain this one, before I converted it to pomade because I find it easier to use.


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