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Updated: Jul 6

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Well, Hello there!

Hands up if you've been shocked by your recent energy bill projections?

We religiously turn off lights and follow my tips listed here, and ours has gone up £100 a month.

I know most people are in the same boat, but we will still need to make some adjustments to ensure we have enough money to overpay our mortgage to keep us on track for our 10-year plan.

If budgeting is something you have not done before, now might be the time to start thinking about it.

Have you thought about using a budgeting planner?

You might be aware that I recently published a book on Amazon called ‘The Ultimate Guide for People Who Can’t Budget’. This book gives you the details that I used to save £56,000 and still use daily to keep my finances in order.

When I designed the book, I wanted it to be fun, bright and practical. The pages are A4, so you have space to write.

This was an important factor for me because you can’t organise your finances with tiny writing that you can’t read!

The book is designed to last you 3-5 years, so I opted for the highest quality paper to print it on. Always frugal - Never cheap!

The higher quality raised the cost of the book to £10.99. You will very likely save this in your first month of using it, so think of it as an investment.

Let's Look inside the budgeting planner

There are extra pages at the back, so the book should last you several years. This means you can adjust your budgeting plan if your circumstances change.

The book has easy to follow tables and LOTS of spare pages at the back.


Another look inside the budgeting planner

These pages are designed to cut out and use! Do not be afraid of doing so! I admit I did feel pretty bad when I first cut out some pages to use...but it's a workbook - so use it.

The budgeting planner is broken down into 5 manageable steps to follow.

Each section is broken down further into smaller activities. This way you won't feel too overwhelmed when you start!

Remember this planner is for you to use at your own pace.

As you can see here, each step is further divided into 3 baby steps, which you can tick off once they are done.

The book is bright, cheerful and full of fun graphics - Adulting doesn't need to be dull!

This book is designed to support people of all ages, who want to reach financial freedom. The strategies do work!

Of course - don't just take my word for it! Look at the reviews.

Book reviews, budget planner for people that cant budget
I am thrilled that the book is making a difference

I hope you found this post helpful - I always like to have a good look at something before I buy it.

Hopefully, this post will help you make a decision.

You can get your copy now for £10.99 by clicking on the shop now button below:

Don't forget the freebies!

Don't forget to check out the FREE downloads section of my blog where I have a selection of basic budget planners, kids worksheets and organisational sheets.

If you a step by step guide showing you how to download them, then check out the end of this post here - or just send me a message, I will be happy to help.

This section has new items every month. You need to create a membership (add your email) to become a member - but it is completely free to join and always will be. Thank you for reading.


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