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The top ten stocking fillers for the vintage vixen

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Vintage style

Well, hello there!

Have you got a friend, who has exceptional vintage style?

Do you struggle to buy them gifts, because you have no idea about the vintage aesthetic?

Panic no more! Here is my top list of items to buy the vintage vixen in your life, and they will love every item.

I know because I own them all!

I carefully created this list and aimed to keep every item below £10.

I also selected items that your vintage vixen will actually want to use. I promise.


The Victory Roll Tool

victory roll tool

For me, creating victory rolls was a right of passage to the vintage lifestyle. It took me a while to master and then I found this roll and go tool.

I can create perfect victory rolls the first time and have a head-turning vintage hairdo in less than 10 minutes.

It has 2 different sizes on either end so you can have large or small victory rolls. An absolute must!

Mobsters Ladies Hair Pomade

Mobsters pomade

If you ever wondered what the secret to styling vintage hair is, this is it. Hair pomade. I wouldn’t consider trying to create a pompadour without it!

This is a lightweight formula that smells great and most importantly, holds the style.

Hair pomades really are essential for creating a vintage style. This tin is also gorgeous and could be reused to store bobby pins.

Bandana Headband

Vintage bandana

A must-have for any vintage look and a great way to turn a bad hair day into a great one.

These are especially handy because they are already tied, so no bandana origami to get it right, also they come in colours that will go with all outfits, so a safe choice.

Style Me Vintage Hair

Easy vintage hair

I purchased my copy of this book back in 2012, in a bookshop in Oxford. The vibrant colours on the cover caught my eye and when I flicked through, I could see it had all the classic styles I wanted to try, such as ‘the poodle’.

The step-by-step instructions are beginner proof and where I learned how to do my vintage hairstyles.

Cherries in the Snow

Cherries in the snow lipstick

This is a cult classic and authentic vintage shade. It suits every complexion and is a stunning raspberry red.

It is my favourite lipstick and you can read my full review of it here.

Trust me, this will be a winner! You can get the matching nail varnish here, which is equally classy.

Cinch Belt

Vintage style cinch belt

This set has three colours, so will match all outfits which need a cinch belt.

These waist-trimming wonders help neaten up an outfit, producing that hourglass figure.

What I like most about cinch belts is that they are not restrictive like corsets and waspies, so can be worn all day in comfort, and they still give a great silhouette.

Hair Flower

Vintage hair flower

These don’t always have to be worn in the hair, they can be worn as a brooch, on a hat or to add a bit of interest to a handbag.

I like the peony style because I find they clip onto the hair without sticking out the side too much.

These come in a selection of colours but always think red is a great start because red looks amazing on everyone.

Sleeping Eye Mask

Sleeping  eye mask

Being glamourous is such hard work!

Help your vixen get her eight hours with this perfect sleep eye mask.

This one is similar to the one worn by Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) in Breakfast at Tiffanies.

Peacock Brooch


A great way to make an outfit look polished.

I was gifted this peacock brooch a couple of years ago and it is a great combination of pretty and classy.

I always receive compliments whenever I wear it and it is one of my favorite pieces of costume jewellery.

I guarantee it will make a vintage vixen smile!



Another excellent accessory that never goes out of style is the French beret.

It effortlessly completes a vintage look and can be styled to look classy or playful.

These come in an extensive range of colours which would complement all outfits, plus they are practical, what more could you want?

I hope you have found my list useful and can find something for your vintage vixen. Is there anything you would add?

Please feel free to share this list if you found it useful, it could help someone else. Happy shopping!


A few words about Fair

Nancy mac dress

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