Flash Rewards: Scam or Legit?

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Flash rewards - Scam or legit?

Well, Hello there!

Flash rewards - Scam or legit? I got the rewards!
Free money? Too good to be true? Let's find out!

In June this year, I signed up for Flash Rewards to see if it was a scam or legit. There is a lot of buzz online about this company.

Most reviews state Flash Rewards is a scam, so I decided to sign up and find out!

Let's dig in!

1: What are Flash Rewards

2: Why do people think Flash Rewards is a scam?

3: Flash Rewards -Top Tips


1: What are Flash Rewards?

Flash Rewards is a site that gives you money or vouchers for signing up for surveys and playing online games. There is a mix of positive and negative reviews online.

This is the process:

Is Flash rewards a scam?
Image from Flash Rewards

  1. You get taken to Flash Rewards and sign up (email, name, phone number)

  2. You then take a short survey. The surveys help Flash Rewards decide which surveys to send you.

  3. You then complete deals online. The more you complete, the bigger the reward, as shown in the image below.

Flash rewards levels
Image from Flash Rewards

4. Not all sign-ups are free (more on that later), and they request your ID to prevent fraud, so you need to put in your real name!


2: Why do people think Flash Rewards is a scam?

Flash Rewards offer quick cash rewards in the form of vouchers or cash via a visa card.

  • If you read the reviews on Trust Pilot, many people state that they have signed up for a reward or completed a task, but the task is not showing up as complete on their dashboard.

  • It sounds too good to be true and puts people off.

  • It asks for data, which some people are uncomfortable putting into sites they don't know.

  • It looks a bit scammy!

I can confirm that Flash Rewards is, in fact -Legit! I received my reward within 24 hours, although some say it can take up to one week. Below is a copy of my final reward confirmation.

I can assure you this was not an easy task - if you are interested in trying this out, see my top tips section so you don't make the same errors I did.

Is flash rewards a scam or legit?
Flash Rewards is Legit!


3: Flash Rewards -Top Tips!

1. As people have commented in reviews, your rewards don't always show. If you contact customer service and upload evidence, they WILL update your rewards and add them. They are helpful, polite and responsive. This is usually updated in 12-24 hours.

2. It's not free! In some cases, you need to pay or sign up. Remember to unsubscribe straight away. That way, you won't be stuck with fees later. I spent around £20-£30 to get mine. It will keep some money aside for the next time I do a reward, so I can keep a closer eye on what I spend.

3. You will get spam calls and emails. Just be aware of that. Maybe set up an email account just for this purpose. Make sure you use your real name when you set up the account because they check your ID at the end.

4. Take screenshots of every reward you complete. This way, you will have evidence if it doesn't show up.

5. You will need to upload your ID, passport or driving licence and a selfie. If you don't have one of those, you might struggle!

I will be doing this again (you have to wait a couple of months between claims). I'm going for the Shein one next!

In a nutshell, not 100% free cash, not quick cash, but also not a scam. A great way to earn some extra cash - start now and be ready for Christmas!


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