Product Review: The STYLPRO Make-Up Brush Cleaner and Dryer - The One Item Every Lazy Girl Needs!

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Product review of the stylepro makeup brush cleaner

Well, Hello there!

Review of the STYLPRO makeup brush cleaner

Has anyone else started their spring cleaning yet? I started this week and have put so many items on Gumtree as I remove and declutter items. I started on my dressing room this week.

I will be getting a new one fitted this year and need to remove clothes I should have gotten rid of years ago.

I also declutter my makeup. I give away items I don't use, throw away outdated items, and clean my makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria, and did you know how often you should clean them? No? Then read how to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Like a Pro. I bet you will be shocked! I was!

How to clean your make up brushes like a pro

The STYLPRO makeup brush cleaner is the ultimate electric brush cleaner with 8 Brush Collars and a Spinning Brush Cleaner with a Bowl bundle. It is the ultimate cleaner for the lazy girl, you can clean your complete set of brushes in under 10 minutes, plus they will be dry instantly to use them straight away. The gift bundle has two free makeup cleaner sachets inside.

First Impressions

The STYLPRO brush cleaner was easy to assemble. I had to add batteries to the 'spinner' and attached the top of the cleaning bowl, and then I was good to go!

The rubber collars easily fit onto the ends of my makeup brushes, both big and small. I just had to pour in the makeup brush cleaner, and I could start.

How I Tested The STLYPRO Make-Up and Brush Cleaner

Review of STYLEPRO make up brush cleaner

I tested one of the mid-sized blusher brushes first. The 'spinner' was easy to use, as you push on the correct collar size and attach your brush, then place it into the makeup cleaner and press on.

I was slightly disgusted at how dirty my brush was. Within seconds the clear liquid turned a murky brown. To dry the brush, lift it out of the makeup cleaner and let the excess water spin away. Make sure you spin off the excess water in the makeup cleaning bowl.

I honestly did not expect my brush to be fully dry, but it was within 10 seconds. I was impressed. I tried a thicker brush, one of my Bare Minerals applicators, for a full flawless face. I just changed the collar and repeated the process. The brush was clean and dry in under 30 seconds.

It worked the same with my smaller eye shadow brushes too. The only brushes where I needed to spend a bit longer were my concealer brushes because they had foundation on them, which was water-resistant, so they took a bit of extra work.

Pros and Cons



Easy to set up and use

Higher priced compared to similar models

Cleans and dries brushes in under 30 seconds

You can't use it to clean themed brushes -such as mermaid fin brushes

Deep cleans brushes and fun to use

Battery-powered, so make sure you have some to hand

The Final Score

As someone who hated spending an afternoon cleaning makeup brushes in a sink and then waiting for wet brushes to dry, I am a massive fan of this product. You don't realise you need it until you have it! Your skin will thank you too!

Look below for how I have rated the STYLPRO:

Cost 4/5

Easy to use 5/5

Effectiveness 5/5

Recommend to a friend 5/5

Review of STYLEPRO make up brush cleaner

You can get your STYLE PRO-make-up brush cleaner here.

Looking For a Cheaper Alternative?

Of course, Fairly Frugal is all about saving money, so I have added some cheaper alternatives. I have not used these ones, but they all have 4.5 or more star ratings on Amazon.

The Kuro London Set

The best ways to clean your make up brushes

The Kuro London set starts at £14.99. That is up to £10.00 cheaper than the top brand. It doesn't contain the make--up brush cleaners.

Click this link to read The Kuro's reviews and examine the product.

The Likuche Set

The best make up brush cleaners you can get in 2022

The Likuche set starts at £15.29. That is up to £9.00 cheaper than the top brand. It doesn't contain the make--up brush cleaners.

Click this link to read The Likuche's reviews and examine the product.

Will you be buying one of these spinning wonders? Do you already have one? Let me know in the comments - I would love to hear what you think!

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