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How to get your house Halloween ready on a budget

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

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Well, hello there!

Decorating for Halloween is always a scream!

Are you ready for Halloween? Do you celebrate it? I love Halloween. When I was a young girl in the 1980s, I lived in a village in the Midlands.

No one celebrated Halloween. There were no decorations, parties, or trick or treating. Those were sad times.

In the1980s Halloween décor wasn’t available with one click (the internet wasn’t a household thing).

Cheap Halloween décor didn’t fill the stores as it does now. Plus, we weren’t exactly wealthy, so all of our money went on heating and food, and I don’t think there was a penny to spend on a whimsical skeleton.

I used to watch the spooky shows on TV and see America in all of its Halloween glory. Pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts, enough candy to make you sick. It looked like heaven! I wanted Wednesday Addams to be my BFF, and I spent a lot of my time watching the original TV shows about The Addams Family and The Munsters.

I live in a haunted house!

As you can guess, I am thrilled that Halloween has gradually become celebrated and decorated across the UK. I enjoy looking at the spooky themes and quirky ideas.

I live in a chapel conversion, which delivers itself perfectly to Halloween.

The one issue is the theme I wanted to do was going to cost quite a lot of money, and I don’t have the time to create things from scratch. I don’t have spare funds because we are still remodelling some of the interiors after the rat infestation and water damage.

We are trying to pay the mortgage off early, so splashing out on my wacky theme is not practical.

I could muster £30 for decorations this year. I need sturdy items because I live in a village in the North East which is 1km above sea level and has a microclimate of its own. It gets pretty windy, and I worry about littering the street. I also really wanted decorations that I could reuse because I am mindful of sustainability.

I decided a classic haunted house theme would do the trick. Yes, I probably won’t get an award for most creative (check back next year, I think you will be impressed), but it will do work a treat.

How I created the look

I purchased corrugated signs from Amazon, haunted house signs and gravestones. They are the perfect size because they are not too large so that they will be whisked away with a gust of wind and not too small so people can’t notice them. They are waterproof and don’t bend.

Of course, I had help from Miss L and Miss A who were the most excellent helpers today and made the decorating much more fun! A special thank you to my helpers.

Get the Look for under £30

I completed this look using the following which can be purchased from Amazon. At the time I wrote this post the outside decorations cost under £30.

  • Cobwebs

  • Gravestones (The same ones are no longer available and I won't add a link to something I have not used or can recommend, I will add the link if they become available)

  • Haunted house signs

  • Black paper silhouettes (I can't find the same ones, but these are similar)

  • Zip ties

I used the sticks that came with the gravestones to wedge the gravestones into the soil and zip ties to secure the tombstones in the flower beds.

I used zip ties to attach the haunted house signs to the railings. This made sure they wouldn't blow away!

I wrapped the cobwebs over the trees, railings and porch for the eerie effect. A small bag goes a long way!

I reused these silhouettes from last year, which were placed in the windows by my helpers, which I have used again.

Here is the finished haunted house. Simple yet effective and for under £30.

What Halloween theme will you go for this year?


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