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How to create expensive-looking wall art on a budget

Updated: Mar 5

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Well, Hello there!

Easy to make wall art
A little piece of wallpaper wall art in the en-suite!

What a week. I have been busy working my side hustles! This week I commissioned a workbook for New Jersey Junior Rangers, and I published a budgeting book last Sunday too, but more on that later!

I made £1.74 in my first month of blogging, and this month (month 5), I have made around £50. I don't think there are any get quick rich tips; it is a slow process, and I am learning every day.

This week's post is going to focus on house and home. You may already know that I live in a whimsical chapel in beautiful North East England.

My home décor taste is eclectic, and I try to cut costs down as much as I can when decorating.

This image shows our en-suite bathroom. I created a classy look by adding border tiles (which were an expense) to white metro tiles (frugal) and didn't want to spend a fortune on art! I adore this space; it is so relaxing.

I found some old frames in the loft and added some wallpaper. I think they look pretty stylish, and you would never know!

Today I will show you how to create stylish wall art out of wallpaper (no crafty skills required, I promise).

We recently decorated the entrance to the house and wanted a quirky gallery wall. Here are my top tips for creating a budget piece of artwork!

You can complete your expensive looking wallpaper wall art in four easy steps!

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Step 1 Spray the Frame

How to create budget wall art

Find an old frame. The frame could be one you already have.

If you don't already have one, you could look at charity shops, ask on freecycle or your local community groups on social media.

It doesn't matter which colour the frame is. You are going to spray it! I used this spray in gold.

Top Spraying Tips

· Wear gloves

· Do it outside (unless it is windy) on a dust sheet

· Make sure the frame is clean from dust

· Several light coats are better than one heavy coat (check spray instructions)

· Let it dry before you use it

Step 2 Choose the Image

The wallpaper that you use might be leftovers from a previous project.

You can also go to your local DIY shop and get free samples; that should be enough to fill one frame. I got this sample from B and Q. I liked the textures and the gold undertones.

Place your frame over the part of the wallpaper you would like to use. I often spend a couple of minutes playing around here, just so I make sure I get the right proportions of the wallpaper.

Step 3 Measure Twice Cut Once

Draw around the frame and cut the wallpaper out. Do this carefully and leave a little extra space for errors.

To add extra interest to your piece, you can use a frame mount that compliments the colours in your wallpaper. You can make your mounts out of card or buy them. I chose not to on this project because the frame was small. I have used borders on previous projects (in the en-suite).

Step 4 Place Your Work of Art on the Wall

As you can see, I used a textured wallpaper here, which compliments the wall colour too.

I also sprayed the mirror on the left in the same spray paint. I picked that up for a couple of pounds from a local thrift shop. It was brown and chipped when I got it. It looks as good as new now!

The small starburst mirror is from The Range, I think it was £5 for three!

You can be frugal and fabulous!

This concludes my quick four-step guide to creating frugal and fabulous wall decor! Have you ever used this method before? I like that you can respray the frame and gather more wallpaper samples, so you are creating sustainable wall art.

Did you enjoy this post? If so, let me know on the Fairly Frugal Facebook page.


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