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The ultimate guide to selling on items eBay

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Learn how to make selling items on eBay a success.

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Well, Hello there!

Have you heard of eBay?

eBay is an online shopping community. It is probably best known for its online auctions.

It is a place where YOU can buy and sell goods and is a great way to make a quick few £££.

It is easy to use, and I guarantee you will profit if you follow my top tips!


So you want to make money?

Of course, you do! Who doesn't?

eBay is my go-to when I sell items. I can make £30-£200 a month selling my pre-loved items on eBay. Of course, this varies month to month and is dependent on how many items I put on.

You can get paid weekly or daily (your choice) from the sales, and the money goes straight into your bank. No PayPal is needed anymore.

Some sales may be 'on hold' until the buyer received the item. You get the money just a little after the sale. eBay will let you know the date.

I have created a list of ways to help you make your listing successful! Click on the links if you are in a rush. Happy eBaying!

#1 - Sort out items to sell from your wardrobe

#2 - Use keywords when selling clothes

# 3 - Sell cheaper clothes in bulk

#4 - Sell for the season

#5 - Save money with postage

#6 - Sell your DIY 'junk'!

#7 - Allocate an eBay afternoon

#8 - Add as much detail as possible to the listing

# 9 - Unlikely things people buy, which you could sell

#10 - Leave feedback

Things to take away

A few words from Fair


#1 - Sort out items to sell from your wardrobe

My favourite bit. Time for a montage!

This might sound easy until you start. Emotions may come crawling back.

First things first, check your clothing:

  • Everything you haven't worn for a year (unless it is an occasional piece, such as a ball gown or tuxedo), try it on.

  • Bad fit? Itchy? Too young? Too old? Don't like it? Place it in the SELL pile.

  • Now try on things that you have worn in the last year.

  • Bad fit? Itchy? Too young? Too old? Don't like it? Place it in the SELL pile.

  • Everything else can go back in the wardrobe.

You need to be ruthless. Do let emotion make you keep things. I kept a beloved Miss Sixty halterneck for 15 years! It sold in less than an hour for £15.

Just get rid of things you don't and won't wear.

Don't worry if an item is a little flawed; highlight the damage in the listing. People buy damaged items as long as you specify where and how much damage is there.

Do - Be ruthless. Anything that you aren't using is wasting space and could be money!

Don't - Be sentimental and place items on at a price too high just because you have an emotional attachment.


#2 - Use keywords when selling clothes

Draw in potential buyers with a killer sales pitch

Words like 'sexy top' and 'vintage' made my items sell quickly. I had offers on some of my Miss Sixty items from the early 2000s within hours of placing them on eBay.

If you have clothes from the early 2000s, they will fall into the vintage category (sorry, I know, your best going out gear is now vintage, take a moment to absorb that). Use this to your advantage.

Which would you buy?

Red dress, floor-length size xx


Glamourous silk red gown, excellent condition size xx

I would totally buy the second. I want to be glamourous.

Do - Think about the wording, and people will buy it!

Don't - Lie! If it isn't true vintage, don't sell it as such.


# 3 - Sell cheaper clothes in bulk

People just want a bargain!

Let's say you have 10 pairs of Primark shorts which cost you no more than £20 when you got them 5 years ago.

You might think, "no one will buy cheaper clothes on here", but you would be wrong.

Placing cheaper items in bulk increases their chances of a sale. I would place all 10 pairs of shorts on eBay by bulk, starting bids at £8.00. Think of it as a job lot.

People REALLY love a bargain.

I find bikini's and swimwear sell especially well in bulk!

Do - Place items on eBay in bulk, make sure that each item has a clear image.

Don't - Sell heavier items in bulk, such as jumpers, which may have an impact on your postage and packaging.


#4 - Sell for the season

Tis the season to make money

My formal summer dresses, beach dresses, strappy tops sold within 3 weeks in the summer.

Think about what you are selling and when. If you have a pastel linen dress, it will probably sell for more money in the wedding season than in mid-winter.

I have a drawer allocated to clothes that I will be placed on eBay and will place them on when the season arrives where I think they will sell.

Do - Store clothing away to sell when they are back in season; you may get a higher price.

Don't - Do this if you need quick cash and have no storage!


#5 - Save money with postage

Make every penny count

eBay works out your postage for you. Remember, they take a sales fee for the item, including postage, so if you can scape back any pennies here, you should!

I find eBay places the item as a small parcel for most clothing, which works out around £3.20.

Items that fit through a letterbox may be charged as a large letter rather than a small parcel.

Do - Pack items as flat as possible to reduce postage costs.

Don't -Pack items badly to try and save money. The buyer doesn't deserve that.


#6 - Sell your DIY 'junk'!

Make money from your reno projects

Renovations? New bathroom or kitchen? People may want to buy your old sinks, leftover tiles, doors, broken marble worktops, Velux windows. I have sold ALL of those things in the last month.

People use them and are looking for a bargain.

My husband was astonished when I made £200 in one month selling items he would put IN THE BIN!

eBay will suggest a price for the items you are going to sell, be honest about the quality as you may need to lower the price.

I would advise placing them as collection only, and the buyer will collect. Collection only is less work for you. People are paying you to remove your junk. Win-win!

What I like about this is sometimes people are in the middle of a project. Recently a gentleman purchased some panels and just asked if we had anything similar. We didn't, but we were going to sell our doors at the end of the month, and he purchased them! He even paid us £10 to deliver them ( we have a truck and he was so lovely, we wanted to help him out).

Do - Ask people when they collect if they need anything else you may be selling in the next couple of months. You never know; you might get another sale.

Don't - Do this with active listings, especially ones with bids on you. This may violate eBays rules.


#7 - Allocate an eBay afternoon

Time management makes it so much easier

It can be time-consuming taking photos, writing descriptions and sorting items for postage. Here is how I manage my time to ensure all items are packaged to the highest quality and posted within 2 working days.

I allocate Sunday afternoons for eBay. All of my sales start on a Sunday, which means they will sell on a Sunday (unless I have accepted an offer). I only upload items on a Sunday for postage.

This gives me time to package items and ensure they are packed well. I post them on Monday before or after work (depending on the number of items). This means I only have to attend the post office once a week.

eBay will automatically relist items that don't sell and will even reduce the price for you to increase its chance of selling. This is optional.

Do - Allocate a couple of hours on a set day where you won't get disturbed.

Don't - Upload items every day. This means several trips to the post office, which would be condensed into one.


#8 - Add as much detail as possible to the listing

People like information

You should be writing as much detail as you can in the description and adding as much information as you can in the specification.

This saves the buyer and your time! The buyer won't need to ask you questions about an item, which can become time-consuming.

They are also more likely to buy a product where they are well informed. People are clever and like to do their research.

Do - Add as much detail as possible in all areas.

Don't - Miss out on key information, especially images of any flaws in an item.


# 9 - Unlikely things people buy, which you could sell

Yes, more items you consider as junk. Being sold as treasure.

  • Empty alcohol bottles, especially unique looking ones

  • Empty perfume containers

  • Wine corks

  • Egg cartons

  • Loo roll tubes

  • Jamjar lids

Seriously. People always want items for projects. Have a look on eBay and see what you might have around your house to make money on!

I have listed perfume bottles this month but have not had any luck selling them yet.

Do - Your research and sell items that would go in the recycling.

Don't - Be too sad if they don't sell. This is a bit of a niche area!


#10 - Leave feedback

It's nice to be nice

Fast transaction? Polite on the collection? Let your buyer know. Leaving feedback could help them sell or buy in the future, plus it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy when people say nice things.

Do - Go via eBay services if you have any major concerns.

Don't - Leave a bad review without giving the seller a chance to rectify the issue first.

One mans junk is another mans treasure

Things to take away

  • You can make a small passive income and clear clutter using eBay

  • Use the app to take photos and upload information - it is much quicker

  • You do get charged a small selling fee but get fewer time-wasters than on other selling sites

  • It can be overwhelming if you try and sell too much at once. Start with a few items and see how you get on

  • You can arrange for money to go straight to your bank account

YOU MAY NEED TO PAY TAX IF YOU ARE MAKING MONEY! The articles below have the information you will need to figure it out.

If you have not told HMRC about income - GOV.UK (

Tax-free allowances on property and trading income - GOV.UK (


A few words about Fair

Fair is a vintage gal on a journey to find financial freedom. She shares her best tips with you, so you can achieve the same goal, whether it is saving money or looking fabulous!

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