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Cult Classic Review: Cherries In The Snow

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

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Revlon's cherries in the snow, best red lipstick, vintage must have
What a pout!

Well, hello there!

The red lipstick is the weapon of choice for every vintage vixen. Deep red, bright red, orange-red. Matte, gloss or somewhere in between. Where to start?

Getting your red lipstick right can be tricky, especially if you aren't used to making a statement.

Today I will review a cult classic of lipstick, going strong since 1953 and the shade of choice for Sylvia Plath and, well, a less famous me!


Who needs lipstick, anyway?

Me! I need lipstick! I can apply lipstick whilst in a car, walking the dog or as I am rustling up a gin martini, but I know lipstick is not every gals staple. I guess you are here because you are intrigued or trying it out for the first time. Let me tell you more.

Revlon's Cherries In The Snow is not a bold red, and this means you can apply it without a lipliner (gasp). It has a silky texture, so you don't get harsh lines or 'bleeding'. It is long-lasting and as it fades leave you with a gentle pink lip, not a patchy look. Which I absolutely adore.

I wear Cherries In The Snow every day. It is my daytime lipstick. It keeps my lips moisturised, and although the shade will fade throughout the day, it can maintain a tint on your lips for 6-8 hours and I drink a LOT of tea. It usually keeps its freshly applied colour for 2-3 hours.

Cherries in the snow, Revlon, best red lipstick, best lipstick
Mirror Mirror!

Cherries In The Snow is a raspberry red that boasts to look good on every skin tone, and I have to agree I can wear it for my winter lip and summer lip.

Cherries In The Snow looks great on blondes, brunettes, red-headed and raven-haired vixens alike. I have seen it look spectacular on our silver fox sisters too!

I have worn red lipstick for going on 20 years (I am 38, 39 next month) and this is the most user-friendly lipstick I own, and I can apply it in a rush with no mirror and not create the clown face.

I own several lipsticks in this shade, one for each floor of the house, one in my handbag and one at work! The only times I don't apply lipstick is to go to the gym and to sleep!

The beauty of this lipstick is that it is budget-friendly, I think it is one of the cheapest brands on the market which makes it especially appealing.


It is a classic for a reason!

cherries in the snow lipstick, Revlon, fairly frugal, best lipstick 2021

The truth is I am a little romantic about the fact it is an authentic vintage shade.

My heart flutters that this has been the lipstick many young women would have worn for their first kiss.

It is the first lipstick stain they left in their first legal drink. It was the oily lipstick mark when they took their first drag of a cigarette (and hopefully didn't like it).

Most importantly I like to think it was the colour our predecessors wore when they decided to smash the patriarchy!

I love that Cherries In The Snow has been the shade of choice for many of my sisters before me, and I believe it is has been going strong since 1953 for a reason.


cherries in the snow lipstick, best lipstick, vintage makeup
It is just darling!

The Verdict


  • Easy to apply

  • Looks great on all skin tones

  • Classy shade

  • Moisturisers lips

  • Long-lasting (2-3 hours solid colour)

  • Budget-friendly

  • Genuine vintage shade, going back to 1953

  • Great for daytime or nighttime


  • The packaging is not as attractive as some of its competitors.

You can buy your very own Cherries In The Snow here.


Get Fair's Look

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As you may know, I do my hair, nails and makeup myself. If you want to see how I do it, then just click on the links below.

  • You can see how I do my eyebrows here.

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Any one for tea?

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