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13 ways to avoid the winter slump!

Updated: Jan 16

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Fairly Frugal ways to avoid the winter blues

Well, hello there!

Did you know, at least 15% of people in the UK will experience SAD or the winter blues?

Fairly frugal winter slump

The winter slump! You might be lucky enough to have a couple of weeks off work to celebrate the holidays or just have a few days here and there.

You might find that you are more tired of going back to work than before you broke up. This is the winter slump!

Feeling blue might encourage you to get that extra takeaway or make an unnecessary purchase to cheer yourself up!

I am an advocate of self-care. Sometimes that is spending the day in your pyjamas, under a duvet and eating junk food.

If that is becoming the norm instead of an ‘occasional’ then perhaps you need to shake things up a little.

Don’t let your frugal habits go out the window. Here are some tips to beat those pesky winter blues and save money too!

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Move it!

ways to beat the winter slump

Ok, I know not everyone loves to exercise, but if you are moving, you are improving. It doesn’t have to be an intense HIIT session at 5 am.

We know that exercise is an excellent stress buster, helps with sleep regulation, speeds up metabolism and lowers cholesterol (we all ate too much cheese, right?)

Here are some gentler ways to get moving!

1. Dance

I love to dance around the house, play three songs, have a little boogie. You can fit this one in whilst you are running a bath or doing some chores.

2. Walk

A brisk walk, slow walk, short walk, long walk. If you are getting the blood pumping, you are improving. If you can get out during the daylight hours, for a dose of vitamin D, that is even better.

3. Stretch

You can do this in front of the telly when you don’t want to leave the house, plus it can be done in your pyjamas. Not sure of how to stretch? You Tube has a great selection of stretching for beginners



ways to beat the winter slump

Christmas parties, late-night drinks, lazy lie-ins. Holidays can cause havoc with our body clock.

I know if I get too much sleep, I feel worse than when I have too little. Here are some tips to help with a good night’s sleep, to stop you from feeling sluggish.

4. Routine

A boring one, I know. But if you go to bed and wake up around the same time every day, it reinforces your bodies biorhythms and will help you sleep soundly.

5. Switch off

Turn off electronic devices before bed. I write this one, but I know it will be the one you all ignore!

6. Invest in a SAD lamp

These are artificial lights that mimic sunlight and are designed to increase mood. Reviews are mixed and you should consider your medical history before purchasing one. Click to see Amazon’s bestselling SAD lamp

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7. Self Care

Spend time to rejuvenate physically and emotionally. This is especially useful if you are feeling overwhelmed with Christmas and work.

Say no to events you don’t feel up to attending.

Put yourself first. You can politely decline, and it will remove any anxiety and pressure you are feeling.

8. Delegate tasks

Even if you live alone there will be friends you can ask for to help you. Chores, shopping? Delegate it!

9. You time

Have an afternoon of 'you' time. A bubble bath or a movie marathon? Whatever you choose, invest some time in yourself.

Not sure how to work on self-care? You can check out my guides here for some beginner beauty help!
DIY Manicure is my easy to follow guide for glam nails!
DIY Facial (dermaplaning) for amazing glowing skin.



ways to beat the winter slump

I can feel your eyes roll as you read this. I know it is Christmas and I don’t mean go on a diet, I mean slightly adjust your diet.

We know that cold dark, nights make us want takeaways and delicious stodgy food, leaving us in a food coma on the sofa.

However, this only plays havoc with your blood sugar, making you feel sluggish, which is no good for beating the winter slump!

10. Think

Are you having that third piece of cheesecake because it is there, so you might as well? Probably. We have all been there. Think about what you are putting on your plate. You can freeze most desserts, so you can always have them next week!

11. Drink

Water is amazing. I started a routine in September (more on this in an upcoming post) and drinking at least 2 litres a day was part of it and I felt awake and more energised, plus my skin was as smooth as glass! You might not make the 2 litres a day, but just try and drink more than you usually do. Aiming for progress, not perfection!

12. Time

When it is 11 pm, it’s probably not the best time to be eating a stodgy sandwich. Eating later can cause digestion issues and have a negative impact on your sleep pattern. Try a light snack instead!

13. Take your Medicine

A deficiency in iron can make you tired and lethargic. B vitamins are energy vitamins. You can buy multivitamins over the counter, check with a pharmacist if you have any underlying health issues first.

I hope that you have found this guide useful. Feel free to add in the comments any tips you have that beat the winter slump, and remember sharing is caring, so feel free to share this post with your friends.


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